Caiçara Turismo Ilhabela

Castelhanos community

Fully enjoy Castelhanos’ wonders !

Castelhanos Beach is mostly visited by tourists during day-trip only. Although  a day trip to Castelhanos  a nice way to have a glance of the beach, it doesn’t let you much time to enjoy all the wonders around : numerous hikes in the rainforest, remote white-sand beaches, and the immersion into the traditional fishing community living here.

Because protecting  the Ilhabela state park and its native Caicara communities is part of our mission and because we would love tourists to discover more this wild and beautiful spot, we have created overnight stay packages in Castelhanos . We think  they are the best way to enjoy this area and to meet with the traditional Caicara community. A truly  unforgettable and remote community-based ecotourism experience, that we can’t recommend enough !

How does that work ?

Accomodation : There are two options.

You can stay at Viviane’s pousada, in comfortable rooms with private bathroom. Viviane comes from a Caicara family living in Castelhanos for generations. She cooks the best traditional caicara food and love to talk about the community. You’ll have the chance to try ”Azul Marinho”, a very traditional and delicious fish dish.

A cheaper option, for camping lovers, is to stay in Castelhanos’ camping, who is located right on the beach. A great way to meet young people and to enjoy the sky full of stars at night.

Daily Activities in Castelhanos:

  • Hikes : Depending the length of your stay, there are several trails, for every level, to hike in the Matâ Atlantica (rainforest). Some of them can be hiked alone and some others are better to go with a Caicara guide, whom we can book for you. Hiking with a guide is the best way to know more about the rainforest, the story of Castelhanos’ community and to spot all the forest’ rich biodiversity. Hikes to Praia Vermelha (one hour), Praia do Gato, Cachoeira do Gato (one hour), Bonete (5 hours), are the most known and all very unique in their own way.  Keep in mind that, although the other side of the island is way more touristic, Castelhanos and pretty much all the state rainforest park is barely hiked by tourists, which guarantees you very remote (but very safe) hiking experiences !
  • Bird-watching : The diversity of birds in our forest is incredible. Best way to spot them is to wake up early and go in the forest with one of the Caicara guide.
  • Handicraft : There are few people in the community who are making beautiful ancestral handicraft. They will be happy to show you what they make how they make it.
  • Fishing activities : Board on a Caicara canoa with Castelhanos fishermen and observe how they practice their ancestral traditional activity !


Prices depend on the lenght of your stay, the accomodation you choose and the guided activites you want to do, roughly between R$200 and R$300 a day (one night). Contact us and tell us what kind of experience you wish for !


  • Guide
  • Accomodation
  • Breakfast
  • Jeep or boat ride to go and come back from Castelhanos (possible to hike too)

Not Included

  • Repelent
  • Hiking shoes and clothes, swimsuits
  • Lunch and dinner (traditional Caicara restaurant onsite, payment by cash only)


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