Caiçara Turismo Ilhabela

Boat Tour

With our Flexboat, we can take up to 12 people and bring you to several remote and beautiful beaches on the island. We can either suggest you an itinerary or, if you’re just one group, and knows where you want to go, we will be happy to bring you wherever we can (depending on weather conditions) !

Most of the time, we suggest  people to bring them to some of the most beautiful beaches of the north of the island, including  Praia da Fome and Praia da Eustaquio. They are some beautifully preserved beaches with  pristine water and white sand where you can rest, have lunch, do some snorkeling or lie on the beach. Depending on how many beaches we’ll visit, we’ll stay between 45 minutes and 1h30 at each stop, for you to have time to enjoy.

You don’t necessarily need to be a group of 12 people. If you’re interested in doing the tour, contact us and we’ll include you in another group.

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