Caiçara Turismo Ilhabela

Our Team

Our team is made of 10 passionnate and dynamic people who love working with tourists and are true nature lovers ! Many of them have worked with us for years and actively contribute to the growth of our tourism agency.

Marcelo, founder of Caiçara Turismo


Mateos practices and loves sailing since he’s a kid and is now one of our sailing teachers. He regularly enters sailing championships in and outside of the island. Herik started to work with us as a kayak and stand-up paddle teacher. Today, he has become one of our boat driver and brings tourists to the most beautiful beaches of the island.


Sam has worked with us for 6 years now. He’s also a passionate sailing young man and has won several championships! He’s started as a sailing teacher within our team but now he’s also one of our boat driver.


Rodrigo : ” I started to work with Marcelo 13 years ago! First I was explaining and selling day trips to tourists and did a lot of  hiking trails with Marcelo too. I got a very strong experience along the years and I consider now this agency as my family ! Today, I work on lots of different tasks, including selling, teaching and taking care of beach activities (kayaks, stand-up paddles, etc)”


Freddy : ”I’m Freddy, 27 years old. At 19 years old, I left Ilhabela to do my military service for 4 years. When I came back to my island, I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do with my life but I was sure I wanted to find something that I would love and would make me happy! I met Marcelo and after my interview with him, I understood that’s exactly what I wanted to do : work with that super nice and ambitious man and bringtourists to the the natural places I love on my island. So here I am, now driving group of tourists to Castelhanos beach, on the other side of the island, a spot that I love so much! As a sea and nature lover, to make tourists discover the wonders of my island is for me a great satisfaction and the achievement I was looking for !”


Herik, Luciana, Mateo, Rodrigo


Mateos and Rodrigo