Caiçara Turismo Ilhabela

Our Story & Goal

Our goal ?

To be one of the best ecotourism agencies in Brazil, reknown for its great and exemplary social responsabilities and its sustainable practices.


The story of Caicara Turismo began at the time when Marcelo used to climb coconut trees around Ilhabela to grab coconuts and sell them to tourists. While drinking their coconut water, tourists were often asking him how to get to the numerous trails and waterfalls of the island. And Marcelo, very often, guided them… Along the time, more and more tourists were asking him advices on how to get to longer trails, even more beautiful beaches or more remote waterfalls… And by realizing that guiding tourists on trails was making so happy, he decided to create its own agency Caicara Turismo, on September 3rd, 2004, a tribute name to his own Caicara family heritage.

Caicara Turismo, the first wing created by our small family agency grow up with the desire to offer adventurous activities such as guided hiking, sailing trips, diving and climbing activities, etc. Meanwhile, Caicara Beach, the second agency created, focused more on beach activities, as kayaks and stand-ups’ rental, diving equipment, sailing lessons, etc. Today, both agencies work together as a same team and can offer the exact same tours and rentals.