Caiçara Turismo Ilhabela

Our Mission

Our mission is to practice a community-based ecotourism as much as we can by partnering more and more with traditional native communities and working with Ilhabela National Park authorities, to ensure a sustainable future for Ilhabela. An ambitious but vital goal for the future of our island.” – Marcelo, founder of Caicara Turismo

For a community-based ecotourism…

From the beginning, Caicara Turismo has grown by partnering with the remote Castelhanos and Bonete Caicara communities. However, still now, these communities struggle to protect their land, their traditional fishing activities, handicraft, and their way of life. While they live on the most wild and beautiful beaches of the island, they see more and more tourists enjoying their lands without being able to work with them. For them, working more with tourism is a question of sharing their culture and their traditions in order to preserve them. As one of the first tourism agencies of the island and coming myself, Marcelo, from these Caicara communities, we aim to play a key-role in the growth of a more sustainable and community-oriented tourism on our island.

These Caicara communities live on their land since the colonial times, after the end of the slavery in Brasil. They have a wonderful genetic heritage from the African slaves, the indian natives and the European pirates who settled here. While a big part of their people left to biggest urban centers, like Santos and Capitania de Sao Vicente, there are still 16 little Caicara communities who have survived since the colonial era. They still live on the almost untouched south and east coasts of Ilhabela, right on beaches and surrounded by the amazing biodiversity of the protected National park forest. They have succeeded to invent a sustainable way of life by working in harmony with what nature offers them. As a community-oriented tourism agency, we highly value this cultural heritage and want to help preserving it. That’s why we now offers in partnership with these communities, overnight packages including lots of activities to offer tourists open-minding, fair and true community-based experience within these communities. Our wish is that this new form of tourism on the island, involving more the native communities  and their traditions will help the island to live a true ecological and community-oriented turning point.

Our hope for the future is to have enough success with these new tourism experiences to be able to work with more Caicara communities of the island.